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Blown Film Seminar Testimonials


I have been in Blown Film Extrusion for 30+ years. I learned some reasons why I have experienced certain phenomenon in my work experience. This class would have been extremely helpful to me 25 years ago. I plan to send more of my technical guys to this seminar to learn valuable information.
David Tolbert, Process Technician, Glad manufacturing

I was totally new to extrusion topic. I can take enough knowledge back tjo start working in my facility.
Jonathan Manzo, Process Engineer, Printpack, Mexico

The material, design, discussion and instructors are all 5 stars. Could not give a higher recommendation! Good Job!
Bret Covey, Extrusion Manager, TC Transcontinental (Coveris)

Excellent Course. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Wish there was more days to go more into depth. Really loved this whole course.
Gabriel Perez, Extrusion Manager, Novolex

I really learned a lot about all facets of blown film extrusion during this course and how the mechanics, physics and chemistry all come together to make the process work. There were numerous take aways I plan on utilizing as soon as possible.
Michael Kelbel, Mfg. Engr., MMM


It is hard to find specific training for blown film. An in-depth course like this was exactly what we were looking for. We couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable instructor.
Jason Kellar, Gateway Liners

Instructor was very well prepared and presented material in a very professional way.
Marty Kerr, McNeely Plastics

Great systematic introduction to extrusion science and practice. Nearly everyone will pickup at least one or two things that will help their process.
John B. Lee, Dart Container

The best seminar for blown film operators / trainee’s I have found in 20 yrs. The content, the discussion, and the knowledge of the presenter were great. The combination of an expert presenter (Dr. Kirk Cantor) and the D.R. Joseph facility made a perfect match. Dr. Cantor keeps you involved and engaged the entire seminar. The Coex Lab line allows each person the opportunity to run films, test those films, make adjustments to the line, see the impact of the adjustments , all this with NO SCRAP IN YOUR PRODUCTION FACILITY, NO DOWN TIME IN YOUR PRODUCTION FACILITY, AND NO INTERRUPTIONS. D.R. Joseph staff is fantastic, This seminar offers value from the Operator Trainee to a Process Engineer!
Jeremy Remmel, Plant Manager, McNeely Plastics of the Sigma Plastics Group